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Joseph Neidorf

Film Composer


About Joseph

Joseph has written for comedy, drama, & action films, as well as reached over 1,000,000 viewers through political video soundtracks for the Biden Digital Coalition, Creatives 4 Bidenand the SuperPAC MeidasTouch. He is in the process of founding Living Library Music, an innovative service that will merge the detailed expression of custom scores with the efficiency of music libraries.

He studied composition at the University of Chicago and film scoring at UCLA, where he interned at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions and won the BMI / Jerry Goldsmith Film Scoring Scholarship. In addition to composing, Joseph has directed the a cappella group Run for Cover and spent three winters as a ski instructor in Telluride, Colorado. 

Joseph's Music

Additional music and videos are available upon request.

The Bell Affairfeature film score co-composed with Jesenia Jackson (coming soon)
Let America Be America Again – a Creatives 4 Biden original

Soundtrack Selections From Flux Action

Gunslinger – Western

Walking Dread – Suspense

Flux Action Orchestral Suite

Fast and Fluxurious – Rock

Chainsa cappella (Nick Jonas cover)

“EXCELLENT.” “…great phrase dynamics and internal vowel dynamics.” 
–Recorded A Cappella Reveiw Board
An original arrangement for University of Chicago’s Run for Cover, from their album Dawn (available on iTunes and Spotify).

La Lunea cappella (Madeon cover)

“…freaking incredible. I let out an audible gasp at the transition [to dubstep]…” 
–Recorded A Cappella Review Board
Joseph wrote the original dubstep bridge, and co-arranged this song with Tyler Walker for Run for Cover‘s album Dawn. It was honored with a selection to the international compilation album Voices Only 2019 Vol. 2.

The Parting Glass – Choral 

An original arrangement for University of Chicago’s CMAC. Performed by The Strangers Emerging Artist Ensemble (Josh Pritchett, artistic director; Will Myers, conductor). Recorded by Matt Peckham of Atlas Arts.

Diamond Ceiling – Sci-Fi, Main Title

Written to the opening of Elysium, depicting war-torn Earth and an elegant orbiting colony (for those who can afford it). The cue begins under the TriStar logo; first shot at 0:35; into space at 1:13; title at 1:53. Recorded at EastWest Studios.

Dreaded Redemption – Loops & Layers

This music is designed to be rearranged to fit the action of any video or adapt to any game. This track is one of hundreds of possible variations, in which the 5 layers and 16-second loops are faded in and out. 

Joseph understands that what gives music ‘life’ is nothing musical at all. His scores do not accompany a story, they come from the story. Joseph is adept at using any musical style to communicate a precise balance and progression of emotions, and works closely with filmmakers to ensure that the music augments the viewers’ immersion in the existing artistry.

Purple Conducting with background



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